As of 3/3/24, SUNWISE is on hiatus so I can focus on a new job and some priority projects.

Saturday 9 – 11 am ET on WHUP 104.7 FM and streaming live online at

SUNWISE is a weekly two-hour radio show highlighting biophilic music. The braiding river channels of each episode bring wide ranges of music that praise landscape, place, and animals.

This is your hub for nature music. Rewild your listening.

Sunwise (n.): a term derived from Celtic folklore that means to proceed in a prosperous way, in the direction of the sun’s movement (i.e. clockwise in the northern hemisphere).

Host: Blake Tedder


SUNWISE is an evolving show. In alignment with the evolving, successional ways of our natural world, the show format changes, proceeds, and turns. Here’s an overview of the seasons so far:

  • Season 1 (October 2022 – December 2022): Vibratory, spiritual, earthy music. Chanting predominant.
  • Season 2 (January 2023 – December 2023): Deep listening, longform pieces in classical and world musics, highly developed themes.
  • Season 3 (January 2024 – ): earth-loving, nature music for survival in these times.

Featured Field Recordist

Each week I feature a different field recordist to support the deep listening journey with grounding in the sounds of nature or sometimes in human environments. The world of sound is vast and complex and often the artists who venture out into the tundras, deserts, wild forests, and city nights to catch the aliveness in the sounds of the pulsing world go unrecognized. Each episode, I try to highlight the important deep listening work of a well-attuned individual. Some of the features are professional artists with large catalogs, and some are amateurs like me. It’s part of the goal of SUNWISE to share these artists’ incredible work as I do with the music. You can see the featured artist for each episode in the table below.

How to Listen

Listen Live

Listen live on WHUP 104.7 FM in Hillsborough, NC or streaming at or via the TuneIn app,, or by facing East in the Northern Hemisphere and tilting the plate in your head 47 degrees, right ear to shoulder, when you face towards Hillsborough.

Listen Later

Recordings of the broadcast and the Spotify Playlists are linked in the tracklists below.


The latest tracklists can be found below or at this link. I also share a Spotify list for the songs that I either source or can find on Spotify. Find these artists and support their beautiful work.


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