I am an experienced ritual leader and space holder. I love to create contemplative sacred space for healing and illumination through song, symbols, meditations, visualizations, truth telling, movement modalities, and protective boundaries. I appreciate especially the power of men’s groups to release toxic masculinity and empower each other through brotherly bonds, confidentiality, conversations of vulnerability and strength, participatory and physical challenges and adventures, and commitment. More to come here later.

The Cosmic Mass 2012

In 2011, Matthew Fox spoke in Chapel Hill and inspired many of us in attendance to create a Cosmic Mass, a large interactive interfaith community ritual involving dance, elaborate altars, music, and readings. I was fired up to learn about this renewal of “church” as an embodied, mystical, and connected experience for community healing and celebration. With a team of volunteers we called the ‘Visioneers’, we met bi-weekly for almost seven months to create this large event called “Shared Beginnings: Creating Community Ritual” attended by 250 that was a deeply moving and healing evening for all. Built around the theme of collaboration and cooperation, the Visioneers worked by consensus, a process reflecting the theme. We hope there will be more Cosmic Masses in the future.

Cosmic Mass Program